National Council

The overall guidance of the individual State and Territory Divisions is vested in the National Council based in the Australian Capitol Territory. This Council comprises the National Executive and the Presidents of each Division.

The National Council conducts two (2) physical meetings and a number of electronic hook up meetings each year. One of the physical meetings is the Annual General Meeting and is held in various locations throughout Australia. Recent AGM's have been held in:

  • 2012 Adelaide
  • 2011 Brisbane
  • 2010 Sydney
  • 2009 Hobart
  • 2008 Perth

The 2012-13 schedule of Council meetings is

  • 1 August Electronic
  • 17 October Electronic
  • 28 November Face to Face ACT
  • 13 February 2013 Electronic
  • 1 May Electronic
  • 12 June AGM Canberra

National Executive

The members of the National Executive are elected for a period of two (2) years and may be re-elected for another two periods, making a total of six (6) years maximum in the one position.

In addition to the normal positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer there are three Vice Presidential portfolios,
* Governance
* Communications and Media
* Advocacy and Entitlements

The National President is Air Vice-Marshal Brent Espeland AM (Retd)
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